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How to Fix a Stuck Door Lock:


things you'll need:

Graphite spray
Hair dryer or matches
Metal file
Wooden matchsticks


Spray some graphite spray into the lock, place the key into the lock and work the graphite into the locking cylinders. This may loosen some of the moving parts enough to get the lock moving again.


Unscrew the screws holding the lock to the door, using a screwdriver, and disassemble the lock if the key turns but the bolt is stuck. Check the lock to make sure the mechanism is in line with the bolt. Realign if necessary and replace the bolt.


Heat your key with a hair dryer or matches. Place the key in a frozen lock to melt the ice away. The lock should begin to turn once it is free from ice.


File the side of the strike plate if the bolt is stuck outside the door frame. Sometimes, all you need is just a little bit wider opening to make it work. Remove the strike plate, fill the holes with glue and wooden matchsticks, and reposition the strike plate if this doesn't work.

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Commercial Services:

Here at Bay Ridge Locksmith, we are the experts in providing high-security systems and high-security lock and key products for commercial properties. We can install and repair security alarm systems, safes, provide high-security lock products, locksmith emergency services, commercial door lock services, access control systems, fire exit devices, security camera systems (CCTV) and security intercoms.

Locksmith Bay Ridge promises to provide the best commercial locksmith services all across the Bay Ridge and Brooklyn region for industrial & commercial businesses, offices, and shops.

Bay Ridge Locksmith can deal with all kind of locksmith situations. We are the masters in key cutting, emergency lock pick service and in providing duplicate and spare keys for your lost keys. Our highly trained, certified team of Bay Ridge Locksmiths delivers a range of business security residential & commercial security services, including around the clock emergency response team.

Commercial locksmith services we offer are:

■ Access control systems
■ Install, repair, service, open and change the combination of any safe
■ Electronic keypads and keyless entries
■ Key cutting services
■ Lockpick for office lockout
■ Locksmith emergency services
■ Commercial door lock services
■ Provide duplicate keys and spare keys for your office
■ Security alarm systems
■ File cabinet locks maintenance, repair and/or upgrade
■ Master systems and high-security lock and keys services
■ Security camera systems and CCTV
■ Changes of safe combinations or new safe installations
■ High-security lock and key products

As a side note, our sister companies Locksmith Tribeca and Locksmith Chelsea in Manhattan, NYC offer commercial locks repair as well as installation. We highly recommend their service because, like us, they employ only licensed and insured technicians. In addition, they offer service 7 days a week and will often troubleshoot your problems the same day. Most importantly, their service is exceptional and will leave your doors functioning for a long time coming at a price you’ll be happy with. Give them a call today for any lock or security systems repair/installation needs!

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